Fresh Fish

The Fish

Sourced, selected and approved by us

We source most of our fish directly from Billingsgate market in London. It’s an early start, but means we get the freshest, highest-quality fish – and if we’re lucky, we catch the sunrise on the way home!

Aside from Billingsgate, we also work with British fish suppliers such as the fantastic folk at Chalkstream, who produce the best trout around.

We’re also regularly in touch with various day boats and love working directly with fishermen who champion good-quality, sustainable fish as much as we do. Think hand-dived scallops from Brixham and super-fresh flounder, pollock and wild sea bass!

House-Cured Fish

Our own-cured fish has become a bit of a hit! Freshly cured on site, our Treacle Trout and Saffron Salmon are a customer favourite.

From Counter to Cooked

With over 20 years’ experience in the kitchen – most recently as Head Chef at the Cricketers, Clavering – Matt has plenty of tips to share and can prepare your fish exactly how you like it.

Special Requests

We’re always happy to take requests! Let us know what you would like (from Spider Crabs to Sea Urchins) and we’ll make sure it’s ready for you.